Our Process

At Premiere Consignment, we sell your gently used furniture, home goods, home furnishings, etc. which you consign to us for resale. 

1.       The consignment period is 90 day (3 months) from the day of acceptance of item(s). 

2.       The first month the item(s) will be marked at your full agreed upon price.

3.       The item(s) will be marked down 10% of agreed upon price every 30 days they remain in the store for total of (2) 10% markdowns.

4.       At the end of the 90 day period, the consignor (you) will be contacted about your expired items.  You have a 7 day grace period to choose between the following options for your times: pick up, donation, or clearance. 

5.       At the end of the 7 day grace period unsold consigned item(s) MUST be picked up, donated, or clearance price for another 30 days.  A tax receipt will be made available to consignors for donations over $100.  Clearance prices items will be priced at 50-60% of original agreed upon price. 

6.       Following the sale of items(s), the consignor will receive 50% of the final sale price of said item(s). 

7.      Checks, for balances greater than $25, will be mailed to consignor by the 5th of the following month.  Usually on the First.

8.      Unpaid balances under $25 will be rolled over until  your account balance is greater than $25.  

9.      Item(s) MUST be clean, tidy, free of odors, and in functional working condition when they arrive.

10.    Prior to accepting consigned item(s), we ask that you email or deliver a photo and description of your item(s) as a minimum to aaronhunt19@yahoo.com or  aaron@premiereconsignment.com . Please include age, brand, original price paid, and/or any other unique qualities if known. 

11.   If need be (and it usually is), Premiere Consignment will set up an in home viewing to evaluate your item(s).

12.   Once item(s) are deemed acceptable an estimated price will be provided.  This price can and may change following Premiere Consignment in store appraisal and research.

13.   All sales are final.  No refunds, returns, or exchanges. PERIOD!  

14.  We will do our best to protect the safety and security of your consigned item(s).  However, Premiere Consignment is not responsible for damaged, stolen, missing, or broken items. 

15.   Consigned item(s) remain the legal property of the consignor until sold and should remain insured through the coverage of consignor's home owner's policy.