About Us

Welcome to Premiere Consignment.  Your source for something new to you!

WHO?  Premiere Consignment the furniture and home decor consignment shop in Tellico Village.  We have been locally owned and operated since the Spring of 2012.  Originally started by Mother and Son team of Becky and Aaron Hunt.  Now operated by Aaron and his wife Misty, and Toby Hunt, Aaron's father.
WHERE? Premiere Consignment  is located at 320 Lakeside Plaza in Loudon, TN near Tellico Village just off of Tellico Parkway (Highway 444) and  Ritchey Road (Road #10). 

WHAT?  Premiere Consignment  consigns your gently used furniture, home goods, home furnishings,  and much much more. We also sell items such as crystal, silver, jewelry, oddities etc on eBay.  Our eBay seller ID is premiereconsignment.  

WHEN?  Premiere Consignment  is open  Monday - Saturday 10 AM until 3 PM. If need be, we are available outside of normal business hours upon request.

Consignors: Over the years, an individual or a family acquires some pretty amazing items.  Sometimes those items run their course in your home and need to make way for new items.   What to do with the old?   How about consigning them and making some money?   That's exactly what we do.    We take in your items, shine then up a little, advertise them, sell them, and you get MONEY.  It's that easy.  No hassle on your part. No worries.  No dealing with a yard, garage, or estate sales. No Craigslist scams or whacko's.  No more unwanted items cluttering up your living space.  Just  worry free money in YOUR pocket. 
If you would like to consign your items, please email photos to aaron@premiereconsignment.com or aaronhunt19@yahoo.com

Buyers:  At Premiere Consignment, our customer's can find like new items at prices up to 90% retail prices.  We strive to consign and sell only the highest quality merchandise to our customers at a GREAT price.

Please take a look at the pages on our website to learn more about this easy and lucrative opportunity or to simply "See what's in (our) store!"